Monemvasia Medieval Castle.

Monemvasia is located in Lakonia Province, in Southern Peloponnese. The Medieval Castle of Monemvasia is built on a tiny rocky island linked to the mainland by a long bridge, which apparently is the only way to enter to the Castle. That explains the name Monemvasia which derives from the Greek words moni and emvasis, meaning single entrance. 

Some tend to call it the Gibraltar of the East, while Yiannis Ritsos, one of the greatest Greek poets, used to refer to Monemvasia -his hometown- as a stone ship. 

Fun fact: the name Monemvasia refers to both the old medieval settlement (the Castle) as well as the modern town that spreads along the coast facing the Castle.

Praised from artists and other prominent figures, Monemvasia is one of the authentic gems of the Peloponnese peninsula. Plunging into the deep blue of Myrtoan Sea, with sceneries of raw beauty and medieval glory, Monemvasia Medieval Castle is managing to coexist with unique landscapes between the sky, the red rock and the sea. 

The greatest reward of visiting the site comes from strolling around the labyrinth, wandering the tiny alleyways and stairways that wind down between a peculiar network of stone houses and walled gardens full of bougainvillea trees.

After all, Monemvasia Castle wild rocky landscape is one of the best places to explore in Greece if you are looking for a peaceful, historical and authentic place.

Type: Leisure/ Recreation Tour

Suitability: Singles, Couples, Families, Groups

Location: Laconia, Peloponnese

Duration: 2 days/ 1 nights

Lentgh: app 700 km (435 miles) roundtrip (starting from your hotel in Athens)

Sights: Medieval Castle Town of Monemvasia

Extra optional day: Visit the city of Nafplio, the first capital of Greece (extra 75 km/ 45 miles – 50 EUR pp)

Cost: From 200 EUR (min 6 people)

Availability: Upon Request

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions before booking.

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What is included

  • Transfer to/ from your hotel in Athens, Chalkida or elsewhere (including fuel, tolls, parking fees, etc.)
  • One night accommodation inside the Medieval Castle of Monenvasia
  • Optional visit in the city of Nafplio, the first capital of Greece

What is NOT included

  • All meals and drinks (visiting local restaurants and food arrangements can be organised though without extra charges)
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Flight tickets to/ from Athens (We strongly advise you to check the best flight tickets search engine, for the best airfare deals.)
  • Whatever has not been mentioned clearly
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