Volos & Pelion Grand Tour.

When you mention Volos, Mount Pelion is the first destination that comes to mind. Pelion (or Pilio) has relatively low levels of wilderness and elevation. Its highest summit, Stavros, is 1.624 metres, stretching for approximately 50 Km. Mount Pelion forms a natural borderline between the district of Magnesia and the Aegean Sea.

Its soft slopes and easily accessed peaks make Mount Pelion a popular destination for hiking lovers and weekend mountain climbers. Two mountain shelters, the one at Agriolefkes and the other at Agios Georgios of Zagora host weary climbers and hikers. In Agriolefkes, near Hania, there is also a skiing resort for skiing lovers, whereas an abundance of mountain routes and trails are ideal for mountain biking and horseback riding.

One gains an exhilarating experience all year round when visiting Mount Pelion or its traditional villages, whether it’s in mid-winter when everything is covered in snow, or in spring or summer when colourful wild flowers cover its slopes, which are full of fir, chestnut, oak and beech trees.

Type: Leisure/ Recreation/ Explore Tour

Suitability: Singles, Couples, Groups

Location: Thessalia

Duration: 4 days/ 3 nights

Length: app 700 km (435 miles) roundtrip (starting from your hotel in Athens) or 450 km (280 miles) roundtrip (starting from your hotel in Thessaloniki) 

Sights: City of Volos, Portaria, Makrynitsa, Milies, Tsagarada

Cost: From 450 EUR per person for departures from Athens (min 6 people), 300 EUR per person for departures from Thessaloniki (min 6 people)

Availability: Upon Request

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions before booking.

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What is included

  • Transfer to/ from your hotel in Athens, Chalkida, Thessaloniki or elsewhere (including fuel, tolls, parking fees, etc.)
  • 2 nights accommodation in the city of Volos & the village of Makrynitsa
  • Optional horseback riding or wine tour (charged extra)

What is NOT included

  • All meals and drinks (visiting local restaurants and food arrangements can be organised though without extra charges)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flight tickets to/ from Athens/ Thessaloniki (We strongly advise you to check www.swoodoo.com the best flight tickets search engine, for the best airfare deals.)
  • Whatever has not been mentioned clearly
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