We all have a responsibility to live and travel in a way that keeps our planet safe. We cannot be perfect, but we can do our best and commit to more sustainable and responsible choices, every step at a time.

All our private tours are carbon neutral.

This means that we compensate our CO2 emissions every quarter, by reducing CO2emissions in other parts of the world.

Here is how:

Calculate our footprint

We have calculated the carbon footprint of each vehicle with the help of Sustainable Travel International, an expert climate change organization. This includes greenhouse gas emissions generated through driving, hotels stayed in and ferries used.

Offset the footprint

Based on this calculation, we purchase carbon offsets to balance our carbon footprint. We make a financial contribution towards a diverse portfolio of verified climate projects such as forest protection and restoration, clean energy generation and conservation of precious ecosystems.

Give back

These verified projects reduce overall CO2 and other greenhouse gases by removing existing CO2from the atmosphere or preventing future emissions. Alongside fighting climate change, these projects create a range of benefits for communities and ecosystems around the world.


What types of projects does our carbon offset program support? 

Through our partnership with Sustainable Travel International, we support three types of carbon offset projects that actively fight climate change in a number of ways. 

  • Forestry Projects: Trees absorb carbon as they grow and store it in their biomass. When forests are destroyed, the carbon they were storing is released into the air. Forestry carbon offset projects prevent existing forests from being lost and restore degraded forest areas. 
  • Energy Projects: Energy carbon offset projects reduce reliance on climate-warming fossil fuels. These projects may generate clean energy, such as wind or solar power; convert waste into energy; or reduce fuel needs through the distribution of energy efficient devices.
  • Blue Carbon ProjectsCertain coastal ecosystems, like peat swamps and mangrove forests, act as massive carbon sinks. Blue carbon projects conserve these ecosystems which also play an important role in protecting coastal communities from the impacts of climate change.

Learn more about the projects we support through Sustainable Travel International

How do you know these projects are really making a difference? 

Sustainable Travel International carefully vets every project in their portfolio via a rigorous due diligence process to ensure the emissions reductions are verified and credible. On top of this, Sustainable Travel International seeks out projects that create added benefits beyond CO2 reductions and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For instance, projects may create local jobs and livelihood opportunities, strengthen indigenous land rights, improve hygiene and sanitation, or protect endangered species. 

More information about Sustainable Travel International’s quality assurance protocol can be found here. 

How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

You too can take action to cut down your travel emissions and leave behind a positive impact on the planet. These tips from Sustainable Travel International will help you get started. 

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