South Evia Beaches.

Often mistaken as part of the mainland due the connection with two bridges, Evia is the second-largest island in Greece -after Crete. It is actually separated from the mainland by the narrow Strait of Euripus.

With a rough mountainous range and roads that often end up to dirt tracks on the coast, Evia is widely considered an untouched, undiscovered destination. 

But there is much to see, as those winding roads end up in gorgeous hidden beaches, or even waterfalls, walking trails and gorges.

To call the beaches in Evia “remote” doesn’t sum up just how far removed from civilisation they can be. But this is what makes Evia a majestic destination way far from the crowds that other famous islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu etc encounter every year.

Not to mention that the majority of those hidden treasures can easily double as campgrounds where you can pitch your tent or park your RV. 

Thapsa, Mageiras, Tsilaro, Xeromilos, Vythouri, Armirixi, Petali, Agios Dimitrios, Niborio just to name a few not very easy to access beaches in South Evia.

Type: Leisure/ Recreation Tour

Suitability: Singles, Couples, Families, Groups

Location: South Evia

Duration: 3 days/ 2 nights

Lentgh: app 500 km (310 miles) (starting from your hotel in Athens)

Sights: Vythouri beach (Dirfys foothills), Armirixi beach (Mesoxoria), Mageiras beach (Petries), Petali beach (Dirfys foothills), Agios Dimitrios (Karystos)

Cost: From 250 EUR per person (min 6 people)

Availability: Upon Request

Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions before booking.

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What is included

  • Transfer to/ from your hotel in Athens, Chalkida or elsewhere (including fuel, tolls, parking fees, etc.)
  • Two nights accommodation in Petries and Kymi
  • Short visit in the town of Aliveri

What is NOT included

  • All meals and drinks (visiting local restaurants and food arrangements can be organised though without extra charges)
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Flight tickets to/ from Athens (We strongly advise you to check the best flight tickets search engine, for the best airfare deals.)
  • Whatever has not been mentioned clearly
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