Dirfys Mountain, along with mountain Xerovouni, are the highest parts of the mountain range of Central Evia. The main peak of Dirfys is called Delphi and has an altitude of 1,743 meters. Dirfys Mountain Hiking is wild, rough and steep, yet rewarding and fascinating.

Its conical, protruding, volcano-resembling summit is visible from at least a hundred kilometers range around the island. The stunningly-picturesque, alpine landscapes that characterize the mountain, make the area more reminiscent of Switzerland rather than a typical Greek island (which Evia is far to be characterized as such!).

In ancient times, Delphi was supposed to be the temple of Dirfia Hera, in memory of her marriage to Zeus, which had taken place there.

Dirfys Mt Hiking features a great variety of trails to please a hiking lover. These range from leisurely routes through deep, alluring, ancient woods to strenuous treks and climbs over desolate, wind-lashed plateaus and vertical cliffs.

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