Sustainability in practice – We have been qualified with TourCert!

We have a reason to celebrate!

We wanted to know where we stand in terms of sustainability in Evia Private Tours and have dealt intensively with the topic as part of the TourCert qualification. Among other things we evaluated our business philosophy, dealt with our consumption of energy, waste, water and paper and analysed our social commitment such as support of projects and initiatives.

A trained sustainability manager makes sure that sustainability is considered in all our operations and activities. We have also defined concrete improvement measures on which we want to work intensively in the future.

We have qualified with TourCert and acknowledge our responsibility for sustainable tourism. The independent certification organisation TourCert advises and accompanies tourism businesses and destinations on their road towards sustainable and successful management – from the qualification process to the certification.

TourCert has developed an internationally recognized system which covers the entire tourism industry supply chain regarding sustainability and which is globally applicable. The focus is on the continuous improvement and development of the business. “Empowerement” is an essential aspect – with the support of TourCert businesses develop learning structures and train a CSR manager who shares his or her knowledge with the team and motivates it to act sustainable in all business areas.

TourCert certifies and grants TourCert Label for sustainability and corporate responsibility in tourism. As a first step towards sustainability, TourCert offers a qualification process. The criteria sets for tour operators are based on the international quality and environemental management standards according to ISO and EMAS as well as the ISO guidelines for corporate responsibility (ISO 26000). They are also based on the international regulations of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

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The TourCert gGmbh located in Stuttgart, Germany was founded in 2009 and has established itself as an internationally recognized innovation and certification business in tourism. TourCert assists tourism businesses on their road towards sustainability.

TourCert goals are promoting economic, ecological and social responsibility of businesses (CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Transformation of the travel industry for tourism that benefits anyone involved.
  • Businesses holding the independent TourCert Label stand for tourism of high quality which benefits all involved stakeholders – the travellers, the local people at any destination and the employees in the tourism businesses
  • For the clients, this means high-quality offers, an intensive travel experience and the sense of travelling in a responsible and sustainable way.

As a member of the TourCert community, Evia Private Tours and all our employees play a vital role in the implementation of the system.

Empowerment: Development of learning structures and dedicated business development

  • Employees trained as “Sustainability Managers” share their knowledge and inspiration with their team and build learning structures
  • A multiplier effect leads to increased awareness for social and ecological challenges among people in the business as well as along the supply chain

Worldwide network: Penetrating the supply chain together with the community members

  • TourCert has a worldwide network of around 400 tourism businesses – from big tour operators to hotels to restaurants and small travel agencies
  • It is our goal to create conditions that help the community members to link up and network and by this create new sustainable offers

TourCert Qualifies

  • We are now in the TourCert qualification process! Under the motto TourCert qualified: Travel for Tomorrow, we have examined our business in terms of sustainability and can now count ourselves as a member of the @TourCert Community.
  • As of today, we are part of the @TourCert Community! Thanks to the TourCert qualification, we now know where we stand in terms of sustainability in the business. This is how we promote responsible tourism – because we want everyone to benefit and aim to set an example for more sustainability in tourism.
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