Marmari is a modern town located in the south part of Evia and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island.

The town has a port which is connected with the port of Rafina near Athens. Due to the short duration of the journey which is only about 1 hour, Marmari is the ideal destination for day or weekend trips. During the summer months the ferry boats operate at very regular intervals.

The region owes its name to the export of marble that was ongoing during the ancient times and the economic boom of the harbor continues until today because of the nearby mining of rocks (slates, slabs of Karystos). 

Marmari has a large tourist infrastructure and it features modern hotels and all kinds of accommodations that can cater for the specific needs of every visitor. 

The promenade area is filled with tourists during the summer months while during the winter is transformed into a quiet fishing village. You can rest in the picturesque taverns and ouzeris that are scattered the area and taste the delicious local dishes and fresh fish titbits.

Only a short distance away from Marmari are beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise clear waters where you can enjoy a swim. Some of these beaches include are the Small Marmari, Agia Irene and Kokkini. With a boat you can also visit the picturesque small island of Petalion that is located opposite Marmari. 

The church of St. George, the statue of the Unknown Sailor, the Chapel of St. Irene at the beach and the beautiful village Paradisi are some of the area attractions that are worth visiting while you are in the region.


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